May 05

World Laughter Day 2009

So this past Sunday was World Laughter Day. It it connected to laughter yoga, which you can read more about over at my post about the Science of Laughter. It’s the first Sunday of every May. Their website says: 

“Laughter may be the best medicine, but how can we laugh at a time like this? Some people think that the tensions and conflicts in the world make it no laughing matter, but psychologist and author Steve Wilson, president of the World Laughter Tour, Inc., headquartered in Columbus, Ohio,  and those in the new laughter movement disagree”.

The idea is to get “the world to lighten up and laugh more”

Unfortunately I didn’t realise it was World Laughter Day until after the event. But luckily I managed to watch a comedy DVD on Sunday and have a good ol’ laugh anyway.

World Laughter Day seems mainly connected to laughter yoga, but I think that it might be worth expanding to include other disciplines and forms of generating laughter.

What do you think? Is World Laughter Day something that we should all embrace once a year?

Check out the World Laughter Day site.