Sep 05

Winning Public Speaking Contests

The London Speaker blog has kindly re-published a post I made on this blog from earlier this year. That post, which you can read by clicking on the link, was about creating a winning mindset and finding ways to “tip the balance” in your favour when you enter into a contest.
That win-win mindset is not just applicable to contests but to a lot of other areas in life too. Try not to just think about what you can get out of a situation, but how you can positively benefit the other person too. Or in the case of the contest, finding a way to win the most plus points even if you ultimately lose the contest. That way you can still walk away feeling like a winner.

I also received a nice little testimonial from Freddie Daniels the current (at time of writing at least) Division B Governor of Toastmasters in London. Freddie said:

“Jason’s blog at www.prohumorist.com is well worth reading (and subscribing to) if you are interested in learning speaking tips, more about Toastmasters and in particular how to bring humour to your speeches. As a former actor Jason brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Highly recommended”.

Cheers Freddie. I hope anyone reading this post checks out their blog: The London Speaker.