Oct 07

Top Ten Most Influential Blogs on Public Speaking

I came across an article recently called The Ten Most Influential Bloggers on Public Speaking. It’s published by Eric Feng over at the Public Speaking Blog.

It’s a pretty interesting list as he not only ranks them, but he tells you why he ranked them in a particular way. Read his reviews and you’ll be able to decide which blogs you want to read. I re-post the list here, but check out his comment on his site.

1. Garr Reynolds — Presentation Zen

2. Life Hacker

3. John Kinde — Humor Power

4. Nancy Tierney — Unconditional Confidence

5. Tom Antion — Great Public Speaking

6. Paul Evans — Instant Speaking Success

7. Steve Pavlina – Personal Development For Smart People

8. Darren Fleming — Executive Speaking

9. Gary Guwe — Connexion! Communication Resources!

10. Bronwyn Ritchie — Pivotal Public Speaking

Thanks for the insights Eric.

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