Jan 31

The London Speaker – no, not me

I received an email from my Toastmasters Club, Grosvernor Square Speakers earlier and they brought to me attention an online blog magazine called The London Speaker.

A blog magazine?” I hear you ask, “what’s one of those“? I’ll let professional blogger Yaro Starak explain all about this blogging model and how it could potentially be profitable.

Anyways, back to the London Speaker… I think it’s a great idea as it will help keep all London-based Toastmasters abreast (ahem) of everything that’s happening within speaking in the capital. Well, when I say “within speaking” I actually mean just within Toastmasters.

The knock on benefit to all members could be more “cross-pollination” between members of different clubs, if (like me) you’re unable to attend an event then there may well be news and photos relating to it.

All in all a jolly good I idea. Think it’s been around the same time as this blog although I could be wrong.

Anyways, if you’re a London-based Toastmaster, an ex-pat or someone just thinking about joining Toastmasters and is just curious to know what it’s all about then go have a look see – The London Speaker


  1. Jeremy Jacobs

    Just returned home from “Men’s Night” at London Corinthians. It was a real hoot.

    BTW, so’s this http://corporatepresenter.blogspot.com

  2. Freddie Daniells

    Hi Jason: Thank you for the kind words about The London Speaker. Hopefully it will do much to improve the communication between clubs. I also feel that for an organisation that is supposed to be expert on communication, we do an awful job of getting the story out there to potential members about all the great stuff that we do, the transformations we make to peoples lives and also show what a vibrant community we are. Hopefully the site can go some way to help addressing these issues. Anyhow, hope you have subscribed either by RSS or by email. I have just added you to my RSS feeds! F

    PS If you have any ideas or thoughts for content for the site just let me know.

  3. Jason Peck

    Hi Freddie

    I completely agree with you regarding communication between London clubs. Ironic really isn’t it. I think perhaps the difficulty in the past has been the lack of a central hub where knowledge and news can be passed between clubs.

    We should all also try and remember that if one club comes up with a good idea, like The London Corinthians themed night idea, that it’s not a competition. It’s ideas like that that can benefit all clubs and London Toastmasters as a whole.

    That’s why I like what you’ve done because it can helps us all connect more and really get the ideas and communication going. I’ll certainly be talking up your blog to Grosvenor Square. Some of them know about it already. But there quite a number of non-bloggers.

    So maybe what can happen in my club, and other clubs, is that it should be discussed at a committee meeting and someone should be nominated to write articles for The London Speaker about things that are happening within each club.

    There need to be contributing editors like in a regular offline magazine.

    Just my two cents worth


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