Oct 16

The FAQ Book on Public Speaking

Who else is going to read the hot new book on public speaking and discover the secrets to being a great speaker?

I know I will.

By now, you’ve probably heard about the brilliant new book on Public Speaking which was launched last week entitled:

The FAQ Book on Public Speaking

It’s been compiled by Eric Feng over at “The Public Speaking Blog” and Irene Ang and Kelvin Lin. Eric’s a speaker and coach in Singapore and he was the guy who recently compiled a list of The Ten Most Influential Bloggers on Public Speaking.

I’d only read the introduction of the book before I felt compelled to come on here to blog about it.

The intro alone from the authors was entertaining enough for me to know that this is going to be a great book!

Gary Guwe President of National Unitversity of Singapore (NUS) Toastmasters had this to say of The FAQ Book on Public Speaking:

“As If You’ve Got A Personal Speaking Coach Seated Right Next To You, Guiding You On How To Become A Better Public Speaker!”

Grab your copy right now before those crazy Singaporeans decide to raise the price!

Cheers Guys!!!

If anybody needs me I’ll be in the bath with my copy. Where will you read yours?

The FAQ Book on Public Speaking