Sep 01

The Duchess of York – professional speaker

I just saw an article which says that Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York, has built up a lucartive career as a professional speaker. It’s reported that she makes £40,000 for her public speaking engagements.

This is not actually considered a massive amount by today’s public speaking standards. Both former President’s Bill Clinton and George Bush Sr. have netted millions of dollars for their engagements. So Fergie’s is a drop in the ocean.

Obivously being a Duchess and famous helps her rake in the big bucks, but it does seem that she has solid topics as well and doesn’t just rely on her background in the Royal family.

Her topics include co-parenting to being a successful business woman. Not bad considering a decade ago she faced bankruptcy and she owed the Queen a King’s ransom. (Or is that a Queen’s ransom?)

I’d be interested to know what her skills as a speaker were like.

I remember the ridicule she went through with the British press after she got married to Prince Andrew. She gained weight and ended up being referred to as “The Duchess of Pork”. Nice.

But since then she’s lost weight, become the international face of WeightWatchers and turned her life around. I’m sure she delivers her speeches with her characteristic good humour and charm that I have seen her display on T.V.

Check out the full article here Fergie Live American Dream