Stand-up Comedy

“You were very funny.
audience members, Coca-Cola (Great Britain)

“Sharp as tack, Jason has that awesome British wit laced with understatement and sarcasm that only the Brits can do with class.”
– Steve Roye, Stand-up Comedian (retired) & Online Educator

“Jason Peck was funny, professional and happy to adapt his set to suit our event theme. As our event was attended by senior level corporate contacts it was reassuring to know that Jason guaranteed a clean act, so no one was offended. I would recommend him for future events.”
Sarah Ball, Corporate Relations, Diabetes UK

Freelance Writing Services

“Hi, tried some of the jokes last night- the sex life ones- they worked really well. The acrobat one got a big laugh. Thank you”. – Ian Norton, actor & drag queen (“Strawberry Whip”), London, U.K.

“Excellent work. Fantastic writing!”
– Henry Levin, “Smiles for All LLC”

“Jason is a true professional that went beyond expectations.  You can’t go wrong using him for your project. I hired him twice and will re hire as necessary.” 5 stars
– Glenndon, oDesk client, 2013 (2nd project)

“Jason’s editorial suggestions were positively thoughtful and brilliant. He is easy to work with… and sticks to agreed upon schedule. I’m going to re-hire.” 5 stars
– Glenndon, oDesk client, 2013 (1st project)

Praise for this Blog:

“Pro Humorist is a visionary with a top gun approach to Humour – He is knowledgeable and dedicated to improving readers public speaking and humour skills. He provides a first-class service to readers, audiences and those lucky enough to know him in personal and business circles”.
– Phil Carr


“I like pro humorist because it strikes a balance between easy to digest snacking content and some very meaty insights”.
– Jonathan


“You offer the “candy” I love to reach when I need a break – fun and practical – thanks Jason!!”
Kare Anderson, Emmy winning former NBC and Wall Street Journal reporter, Moving from Me to We


“The Pro humorist is a genius in the making! Not only does he offer well detailed, and deeply insightful information, he is able to deliver it in a clear, concise and practical way which I find is a rare ability and very useful! Clearly Pro humorist has been able to bridge the gap between the stage performance and the step-by-step ‘need-to-know’ guide on how to get there. Pro humourist wins my vote.”
– Alan


“Pro humorist, lives up to the title, “Pro” everything I have read on that blog has taught me something new. To date I have not found a similar blog that offers conent at the same level. The mix of research and personal experience gives us the opportunity to make choices in our direction. Its the only blog in this sector that I would award 10 out of 10. Well done indeed! ”
– Alistair


“Pro humorist provides detailed, well-researched and highly insightful information and tools. His writing focuses on valuable how-to advice, reflections on his own experiences, and observations about the world of public speaking as it relates to current events, all wrapped up in a bow with his unique comic wit and relatable voice. I never miss an entry! ”
– Melissa


“I read your ‘win from competing’ blog (post) quite a few times, it was inspiring and made a great impact and played a major part in my own growth path and belief in what was possible. So thanks for that blog article…”
– Ewan, Toastmaster, MLP! Toastmasters


“Jason’s blog at www.prohumorist.com is well worth reading (and subscribing to) if you are interested in learning speaking tips, more about Toastmasters and in particular how to bring humour to your speeches. As a former actor Jason brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Highly recommended“.
– Freddie Daniells, Division B Governor 2008-2009, Toastmasters, London


“Congratulations on your first year, Jason. The Pro Humorist blog really is a very useful and regularly updated resource for humorous speakers, comedians, comedy writers and those with no desire to perform or write but who just have a real interest in the nuts and bolts of it all!”
– Nick R Thomas, British comedy writer and speaker, Nick R Thomas

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The testimonials on this site definitely do not represent the “average” person that buys any of my products or uses any of my services. The testimonials on this site represent those who have done something. I make no promises about your results should you use one of my services. That’s up to you. The information is solid, some people just don’t take action. The testimonials represent a very small portion of the people, who have gained something useful from this blog or one of my services.