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Apr 11

Toastmasters Mystery Speaking – The Hidden Benefits, part 3

“Hi diddly dee, a mystery speaker’s life for me” – okay, that doesn’t quite scan but I don’t claim to be Lennon & McCartney. Earlier this week I had the opportunity to be a mystery speaker for the Women in Banking and Finance Speakers. Even though I’m not in Banking or Finance and I’m not …

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Apr 01

How to Win a Speech Contest – Even if you lose!

You might be wondering “What? How to Win a Speech Contest – Even if you lose? Wait – is this an April Fool?” Nope. It is absolutely possible because it depends on your definition of winning. Now, I know I run the risk of coming over a bit like a bad motivational speaker, but hear …

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Mar 26

Toastmasters Contest Season

For those of you who are not directly involved with Toastmasters it’s currently competition season. For those of you who are involved… it’s still competition season! Quick overview for those of you outside the “Toasties” sphere of influence can be found here: Toastmasters FAQ. At time of writing it’s the “International Speech Contest” and the “Evaluation …

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Mar 18

Getting Paid to Make People Laugh

I want to review a great e-book by the late humorist and M.C. John Cantu. It’s called “Getting Paid to Make People Laugh” and it comes as a bonus with the That’s Comedy collection of joke books.”. I really enjoyed this book because it’s a transcript of an interview with Cantu and you get the …

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Mar 06

A Comedic Revolution? Blue Humour vs. Clean Humour

I’ve been wanting to write about this subject for a while because I know humorists and corporate comedians who advocate clean humor and as a result can sometimes come across as being overzealous in their denouncement of blue humour. But what we all have to remember is that without some of the so-called dirty comedians, …

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