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Aug 18

Humour and Freedom of Speech

Humour and Freedom of Speech. It’s an interesting concept as it’s one that comes up again and again throughout history. Well, modern history at least. You might be thinking: “wow Jase, this is a bit of a dry boring topic for your blog” Well, stick with me as it contains some useful intel on the …

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Jul 16

Hungry for Humorous Speeches? Try a Roast

I was idly playing videos on You Tube recently and I came across Dean Martin’s Roasts from the 1970s. I had a jolly old time watching some comedians from yesteryear engaging in humorous roasts. So I figured I should write a post about roast speeches and provide some roast speech examples. I talk about roast …

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Jul 03

Toastmasters: Evaluation Workshop

I attended an Evaluation Workshop given by the current UK & Ireland Evaluation Champion Hilary Briggs (Early Bird Speakers) and the 2004 winner and DTM, Bob Ferguson (Excaliburs). By the way, if you check out that link Hilary is on the left of the picture. In the UK the Toastmasters Evaluation Contest happens at the same …

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May 01

How you can Benefit from a Speaking Contest

I went along to the Divison B all London final of the International Speech contest recently. You can read about that in a bit more detail at over The London Speaker. It was really valuable to go along and see what the finalists are like, especially if you’ve not seen them before. What I found …

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Apr 24

Toastmasters Mystery Speaking – The Hidden Benefits, part 4

This past Sunday I had the good fortune to be a mystery speaker for the final time this contest season at the Division G contest held in Milton Keynes. It was my first time at a Division contest and I was impressed with the way it was run and the standard of the contestants. That’s …

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