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Feb 17

Institutionalised Public Speaking

Author’s note: Due to some technical difficuties I’ve had to restore my blog. However, in the process I lost some of my posts and comments. Luckily, I had some of my posts backed up. This is why you’re now reading this post again. Thank you for bearing with me. Are you coasting along with your …

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Feb 06

Public Speaking: Physical Distractions

When you speak, or give a presentation, do you videotape (easier to write than digitally record) yourself. Not for YouTube humiliation, or ego stroking, but for analysis of your performance. What some people don’t realise is that they have physical distractions that manifest themselves when they are in front of a crowd. In some cases …

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Jan 21

“Could you read this out loud for me?”

There are occasionally times that our speaking in public we will be a reading. This may occur in a situation like a wedding or a funeral. You could be asked to read from anything including, but not limited to, Shakespeare (his plays or sonnets), poetry, prose (novels, short stories, etc), theatre play-scripts and so on. I’ll provide …

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Jan 17

Speakers – Embrace your Inner Actor!

Here’s something that’s been floating around in the back of my head for a number of months. When you get up and present are you acting? You might think that you’re not. But I’d suggest that if you’re not using acting and theatre techniques when you present, then you’re seriously missing out on taking your …

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Jan 12

Tearing up the Public Speaking Rulebook

I’ve written about the various tips and techniques of creating effective public speaking skills. A quick google search or a run through some of the peeps on my blogroll can reveal a lot more of the Dos and Don’ts. There’s advice on effective openings, structuring the body of your presentation and so on and so …

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