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Feb 06

Public Speaking: Physical Distractions

When you speak, or give a presentation, do you videotape (easier to write than digitally record) yourself. Not for YouTube humiliation, or ego stroking, but for analysis of your performance. What some people don’t realise is that they have physical distractions that manifest themselves when they are in front of a crowd. In some cases …

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Jan 28

Memory Hack: How to Learn a speech in 24 hours!

How to Learn Your Speech Following on from my last post about memory, I thought I’d share with you a technique I learned last year (2008) for memorising a speech in 24 hours!! If you’re one of my British readers you’re probably thinking “Boll*cks, that’s not possible”. Well, it is because I’ve done it. TWICE. …

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Jan 26

To Memorise, or not Memorise

“The man who writes out and memorises his talks is wasting his time and energy and courting disaster” – Dale Carnegie During my development as a public speaker I have often wrestled with whether I should memorise my speeches or not.

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Jan 19

Public Speaking Tip: room set-up

You’re in a room, giving a presentation that you know like the back of your hand, everything’s going well. And then the sun sets… and sunlight pours through the window and washes out your PowerPoint presentation. Argh! What to do? Draw the blinds! WHAT? There are NO BLINDS? Egad, now what?

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Dec 28

Public Speaking tip: “Just the facts, ma’am”

I was inspired to write this post after seeing a similar post on Lisa Braithwaite’s Speak Schmeak and remembering some of my own frustrations with this area. A lot of speakers I’ve seen this past year seem to have developed the “habit” of quoting information without citing any sources.

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