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Feb 17

Your Comic “Persona”

I’m back, sorry if you missed me yesterday. I threw up a post on Sunday in response to a fellow Brit blogger and it put me off my stride. I’m glad you came back and you’re reading this post, as I want to to about you. There are lots of books out there that provide …

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Feb 02

The Power of Myth for Speakers

Stories and storytelling can be quite a powerful thing when it comes to delivering speeches. Whilst we don’t necessarily have to tell epic stories that go on for many, many days I think that it’s useful for us to be aware of how stories are structured. We also shouldn’t feel obliged to include all of …

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Jan 23

Lessons from President Obama’s Inaugural Speech

Here’s the inaugural speech of President Obama. (Note: the full transcript is available below) I don’t really want to say too much about it as a lot of people have given their two pence worth already. But I never want it to be said that the Pro Humorist didn’t chip in on this momentous occasion!

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Jan 21

“Could you read this out loud for me?”

There are occasionally times that our speaking in public we will be a reading. This may occur in a situation like a wedding or a funeral. You could be asked to read from anything including, but not limited to, Shakespeare (his plays or sonnets), poetry, prose (novels, short stories, etc), theatre play-scripts and so on. I’ll provide …

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Jan 19

Public Speaking Tip: room set-up

You’re in a room, giving a presentation that you know like the back of your hand, everything’s going well. And then the sun sets… and sunlight pours through the window and washes out your PowerPoint presentation. Argh! What to do? Draw the blinds! WHAT? There are NO BLINDS? Egad, now what?

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