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Aug 05

Is There a Cure to Public Speaking Fear?

Consumer Note: I am in no way advocating the usage of this product. I am only providing my thoughts on the creation of such a product and what people can do for themselves without relying on tablets. A pill has been released that claims to be a public speaking cure. Bravina is a combination of …

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Jul 19

ProHumorist’s 2nd Birthday plus July Speedlinks

Wow, so another year has flown by and this blog hits it’s second birthday!! So my blog is now a toddler and is entering its “terrible twos”… oh joy. I’d just to take this opportunity to thank everybody who has become involved with the community here through their comments. I’d like to thank all my …

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Jun 14

Best Coaching Blog Contest – Please Vote for Me

In a previous post I mentioned that my blog is in a contest to find the Best Coaching Blogs of 2009. I’m trying to break the Top 10 (currently lingering at the 12-13 mark). If you enjoy reading this blog, please click the UP arrow to give me a point. If you are able to …

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May 19

Launch of Speaking Pro Central

Recently I was invited to participate in the launch of a new speaking site: Speaking Pro Central. I felt honoured and privileged to have been asked. We are now 24 hours after the launch as I write this. The aim of the site is to collect and organize the best content from blogs, and other …

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May 02

BBC 2’s The Speaker – The Final


It only seems like yesterday when I was writing a post about BBC 2’s new reality TV talent show The Speaker. In fact it was about 4 weeks ago. They ended up broadcasting two episodes a week, rather than one per week for 8 weeks. It was actually an interesting show in the end and …

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