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Apr 29

Twitter and Presentations: The Ultimate Interruption?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you would’ve heard about Twitter.  Now, it seems, even live presenters aren’t immune from it’s charms.  Speaker Olivia Mitchell blogged about using Twitter in a presentation. She provides some very useful tips on harnessing the power of this new social communication tool…

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Apr 07

BBC 2 Programme The Speaker

So Reality T.V. finally does speaking. Like some sort of bad cross between Big Brother and The X Factor; The Speaker is a new series that looks to find Britain’s Best Young Speaker. Quite an interesting topic for a programme and something that helps raise awareness for this craft and, hopefully, Toastmasters International. But it’s …

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Mar 30

Where’s Your Werewolf Moment?

I was re-watching An American Werewolf in London recently, and I had an idea floating around in the bag of my head about how this relates if we want to make a presentation either for work or the International Speech Contest. By the way, if you’ve never seen the movie, and you like being scared …

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Feb 27

Why Make a Speech at All?

“Speeches fail because they focus on the speaker not on the audience” – Phillip Khan-Panni In the run up to the International Speech Contest Division B put on a public speaking seminar with Phillip Khan-Panni, former three-time U.K. & Ireland Public Speaking Champion, silver medallist in the World Championships and also former member of my …

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Feb 17

How Do You Create a Funny Presentation?

How Do You Create a Funny Presentation? The question of the ages…. Well, ok that’s not strictly true. In my post 101 Presentation Hacks I provided a few points on how to create funny powerpoint presentations. What a lot of people forget is that even though they are giving a presentation in a business or …

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