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Jul 09

How to Improve Presentation Skills workshop – The University of Chicago

Back at the end of May I did a how to improve presentation skills workshop for the University of Chicago. I enjoyed it for the most part, but there were a couple of things I hadn’t anticipated. I liaised with my contact and got clarification about the time available and I explained how long my …

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Apr 14

America-phile – Life Across the Pond

union stars

Hello, hey, bonjour, ciao… alright? I can’t believe that it’s been eight months since I’ve written a post on here. Wowsers trousers. A LOT has changed! As some of my friends and regular readers know in September 2009 I emigrated to the United States of America to marry my long term American girlfriend. I’m going …

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Aug 29

Humour and the Art of Non-verbal Communication

There has been much written on the subject of verbal and non-verbal communication. I wanted to provide my 2 pence worth on this subject and how it relates to creating funny presentations. A vast majority of speakers and training companies often misuse research by Dr Albert Mehrabian who statistics have been massaged to provide us …

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Aug 20

24 Ways to Improve your Presentation Skills

I wanted to provide some quick tips for you to improve your presentation skills. Read, Study, Re-read, memorise and generally imprint the following books, blogs and tips on your brain. 1.    Read the book Presentation Zen by  Garr Reynolds. 2.    Really Bad PowerPoint by Seth Godin  (link to download the PDF) 3.    Grab the book …

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Aug 14

Improve with Improv – Improvisation for Speakers

I’m pleased and excited to announce that this week I have a guest author here at ProHumorist.com. Angela DeFinis is an author, speaker and consultant. More biographical information appears at the end of this article. Take it away Angela… You show up to your speaking engagement only to realize that your PowerPoint presentation isn’t opening, …

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