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Jun 05

Secret Comedy Writing Technique – Daffynitions

The next post in my Secret Comedy Writing Technique deals with Daffynitions. I actually only heard of this technique a couple of years ago. The term Daffynitions comes from the word daffy meaning “a little crazy” and the word “definition”, which obviously provides the meaning or a word. Hence we get the word Daffynitions. The …

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May 28

Secret Comedy Writing Technique – Mondegreens

Another entry in my mini series Secret Comedy Writing Techniques are Mondegreens This is when you miss hear the lyric of a song or some other spoken line. Examples of this are as follows:

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May 18

Secret Comedy Writing Technique – Freudian Slip

Here’s another installment in my mini series, Secret Comedy Writing Techniques. In this one I’m going to cover Freudian slips. And no I don’t mean the Austrian psychiatrist’s female undergarment. Cheap these laughs are, what can I tell ya? So on to business!

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May 06

Secret Comedy Writing Technique – Eggcorns

The American author and humorist E.B. White (who wrote Charlotte’s Webb and Stuart Little) once said: “Analyzing humour is like dissecting a frog. Few people are interested and the frog dies of it”. In my on-going mini series Secret Comedy Writing Techniques, I try not to analyse why something’s funny. I don’t want to talk about …

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May 04

How Do You Know if Your Comedy is Quantifiable?

“How Do You Know if Your Comedy is Quantifiable?”, “How do you know you’re being funny?” and “How do you measure comedy?” These were just some of the questions I was asked recently. I responded: “yes, comedy is measureable. If somebody laughs, it’s comedy. If no-one laughs it isn’t. But if you get no laughs, …

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