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Sep 29

Frankie Howerd and the rule of Toastmasters

Frankie Howerd clip; 2m 21 sec (Above is a clip of late British comedian Frankie Howerd on the chat show Parkinson). I got asked at a humour workshop that I ran recently the following question: “How far can you push risque humour before it becomes too much at Toastmasters?”

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Aug 29

Writing a Winning Humorous Speech

The London Speaker blog has just posted an interview with Jonathan Palmer last year’s Divison B Humorous Speech winner. It’s a really good and revealing article. Palmer talks about why he didn’t make the grade and win the contest at District (National) level. It’s a key distinction.

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Aug 24

How do you know your jokes are funny?

There seems to be an obvious answer to the above question – how do you know your jokes are funny? Surely, you tell someone, or an audience, a joke and they laugh then it’s funny. Great. Simple and straight-forward. Especially if you have preparation time.

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Jul 31

The World’s Oldest Jokes

Never thought I’d see the day where scholarly types would set about unearthing the world’s oldest joke. I just didn’t think it was scholarly enough. But humour is a very important part of all our lives and culture. And to all intents and purposes it has been for all time. Or, if you’re Brian Blessed, …

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Jul 16

Hungry for Humorous Speeches? Try a Roast

I was idly playing videos on You Tube recently and I came across Dean Martin’s Roasts from the 1970s. I had a jolly old time watching some comedians from yesteryear engaging in humorous roasts. So I figured I should write a post about roast speeches and provide some roast speech examples. I talk about roast …

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