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Mar 20

When Did You Last Have Playtime?

No, I don’t mean THAT sort of playtime. I don’t know. Blimey, mind like a sewer you. Anyway… in my previous article about Laughter Yoga I was exploring aspects of the science of laughter. This got me thinking about the wider impact of play and I mean play time as opposed to a script that …

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Mar 18

Laughter Yoga with John Cleese

This is a small follow up to my last post on the benefits of humour. I found this clip from a BBC series with John Cleese in Mumbai attending laughter yoga classes. I’m not sure how I feel about it to be honest. Check out the video clip here…

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Jan 07

Humour in the Workplace

There seems to be a lot of information out there at the moment about the benefits of using humor in the workplace. In fact on Google there are about 363,000 results (at the time of writing), so clearly it’s quite a popular subject area. But it’s a topic that concerns me. Gravely concerns me.

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