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Feb 26

Bill Hicks Tribute “It’s Just a Ride”


I cannot believe that it’s been 16 years since the legendary American comedian Bill Hicks died. I included him on a previous post I made about the 32 Most Influential Comedians. It only seems like yesterday that I had discovered his comedy on a compilation cassette tape (told you it was a long time ago) …

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Feb 25

Confessions of a Comedy Snob

Ok alright I admit, I’m a comedy snob. You dragged it out of me. There are you happy? I really wanted to get into Bo Selecta, but I couldn’t. I admired what Leigh Francis did, but as for actual physical laughs… none were to be found from me.  I did laugh once, and it was …

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Feb 20

Craig McLachan Dies a Comedy Death

In recent years there has been a “fashion” for some celebrities to try their hand at stand-up comedy. We’ve had DVDs from ex-Cricketer Phil Tufnell, sitcom actor Ricky Tomlinson and creator of The Office and Extras Ricky Gervais. Whilst for Tomlinson and Gervais it seems a natural progression of their comedy careers, it seems a …

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Feb 17

Your Comic “Persona”

I’m back, sorry if you missed me yesterday. I threw up a post on Sunday in response to a fellow Brit blogger and it put me off my stride. I’m glad you came back and you’re reading this post, as I want to to about you. There are lots of books out there that provide …

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Feb 04

“Stop me if you’ve heard this one…”

“There are no new ideas. Just two old ideas meeting for the first time” – Woody Allen How important is originality to you in humour? If someone makes you laugh, and laugh hard, do you really care that the joke came from someone else? Does it matter if you’ve heard it before? Does this constitute …

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