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Dec 17

Late Night Comedy Writing Packet

Well, I finally finished putting together my generic Late Night Comedy Writing packet. I finished it back in November, and now have a potential sample that I can tweak if I decide to look for Late Night writing jobs. I can thoroughly recommend buying a copy of late night comedy writer, Joe Toplyn’s book. Which …

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Sep 23

Sitcom Pilot Script – Some Traps and How to Escape

Here are a few sitcom pilot scripts traps I’ve experienced myself, and some potential ways to escape. This is not an exhaustive list of traps by any means. And I am writing from the perspective of a first-time sitcom pilot script writer. Here’s a little background, and then I’ll go over some traps and escape …

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Aug 22

Breaking Comedy’s DNA: Review

I’ve been on author Jerry Corley’s mailing list for a couple of years now. I really enjoy what he has to say. And there’s a lot to be learned, for free, on his blog. He’s always entertaining and insightful. If you’re not sure who he is, Jerry is a comedy who worked the road for a …

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Mar 12

3 Things Before You Write Your Sitcom Pilot

You’ve had an idea for a sitcom. You need to find out not only if it has legs for a pilot but also for a series. Now, you don’t necessarily have to write al the episodes, especially if you’re trying to get an agent. You just need a pilot script. But it would benefit you …

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Mar 02

Sitcom Writing: Pilots and Specs

I’ve Never Written a Sitcom… Yet Please note, I am writing this not from experience of being a professional sitcom writer, but from the perspective of having read and researched a lot about it. Not claiming to be an expert by any means. Sure I’ve probably read more books, and websites on the subject than …

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