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Oct 18

Obama and McCain move in stand-up comedy?

Senators Barack Obama and John McCain roasted each other at a recent dinner at the Waldorf Astoria in NYC. Both relied heavily on their scripts and notecards. Whilst this is not necessarily a bad thing, I was a little surprised considering they are both good speakers. In these video clips there was some good natured …

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Oct 16

Powerpoint – a cheeky shortcut

If you’re using PowerPoint and you want to speak to your audience before giving your presentation, or you want to digress into some exercises, you might not want them to be distracted by the slides left being projected on the screen. Here’s a little shortcut to make your screen go blank…

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Jun 03

Pulblic Speaking: Hecklers

This may seem a bit incongruous to the public speaking arena and more associated with comedy clubs, but it does happen. But even in the comedy club market heckling doesn’t happen as often as some people think that it does. So in the corporate environment I’d have to say that it happens even less than …

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Jan 23

After Dinner Speaking, part 2

I spoke to the President and ex-President at my local Toastmasters club trying to find out how I can go about developing my After Dinner speech that I debuted at the Christmas Dinner at the end of last year. I was hoping that I might be able to use the method that winners of both …

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Nov 16

7 Tips for Conquering Public Speaking Fear

We’ve all heard about how people’s number fear is public speaking. The comedian Jerry Seinfeld had this to say on the fear of public speaking: “The number one fear is public speaking. Number two is death. Number two. That means most people would rather be in the casket than doing the eulogy”. Although the line …

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