Dec 08

Speech Masterclass D.I.Y – would you do it?

I have decided to split this post in half because there is something that needs to be addressed before we even get into looking at Simon Bucknall’s Masterclass. If you wanted to take your speaking skills to the next level and maybe even compete, but you couldn’t afford a speech coach what would you do?
I was in attendance this past weekend in Dorking, Surrey where the workshop took place and I met the event organiser Meg Heyworth who was from a club in Eastbourne; Eastbourne Speakers Club which is in Division H. She really knows how to make lemonade out of lemons!

She wanted to work with Simon, two-time U.K. & Ireland Public Speaking Champion and current European Champion with Junior Chamber of Commerce. So she organised a Division event so that Toastmasters from different Divisions across the U.K. would have the opportunity to attend. She made herself one of the speakers and not only got feedback from Simon but also from everyone else in the room.

What a brilliant brilliant idea. It was a very good thing that she did. The key part was obviously getting as many people from different divisions on board so other people had the opportunity to benefit from the event too.

What would you do in a similar situation? If there’s was something that you wanted to improve upon, or learn, what lengths would you go to in ordet to make it happen? Good for you Meg!!

Look out for another post on Simon’s recent workshop. Here’s a link to Simon’s website The Art of Connection

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