Sep 16

Sisterhood – the Brit-Kiwi Comedy

A couple of years back I was fortunate enough to appear in a film. Now, after a Hollywood film festival this past summer, it’s now got a limited cinema release next month at the Odeon in Panton Street, just off Leicester Square. I don’t have one of the starring roles, I do appear right at the end as a lawyer (yes, I DO have dialogue). So if you do get to see it I know it’ll be torture for you to wait for my big screen debut until the end, but I’m sure you’ll survive.

Here’s the word on the street re the film:

Opening on the 17th Oct – 23rd Oct 2008

At the Odeon Cinema, Panton Street by Leicester Square

FOR ONE WEEK ONLY!!!! Book Now!!!!

Odeon, Leicester Square, London

WIN two tickets to the UK PREMIERE of Brit-Kiwi Film ‘Sisterhood’!

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Sisterhood Film

Not only that but the film plugged me right into The Kevin Bacon Game. Here’s how it works for me.

1) I was in Sisterhood with Graham McTavish
2) Graham McTavish was in Rambo 4 with Sylvester Stallone
3) Stallone was in Daylight with Robert DeNiro
4) DeNiro was in Sleepers with… Kevin Bacon

So I have a Bacon Number of 4. Oh yes.

Here’s the film’s synopsis:

“Catherine St.John-Burke is an independent, uptight, status obsessed, sophisticated, British woman, living alone in London’s Chelsea, and doing herself no favors by having an affair with a married man. Her world is turned upside down when she comes home one day to discover an uneducated, Kiwi woman (with very hairy legs) drinking beer in her living room.

Shirley Zachary claims to be Catherine’s long lost half-sister and that their father, who Catherine thought died when she was a child, is still alive and trying to make claims on both of their properties following the death of their mothers! Catherine is furious and frustrated with Shirley’s refusal to ‘disappear’, so Shirley reluctantly agrees to undertake a DNA test, and to Catherine’s horror, the results conclude that they are indeed related.

Both girls agree to work together and track down their ‘con-man trapped in the 70s’ father in order to get rightful ownership of their inheritance. Of course, hiding from the local Mob, Jack is not an easy man to find, but they begin by following a man called ‘Sir Crawford’ with hilarious consequences!”

If you’re in the city during this time period, pop along to the Odeon in Panton Street, central London and check out Sisterhood.

Press Quotes

“a feel good delight” – The Sunday Express
“The quirky, irreverent script is complemented by a professional and experienced cast who obviously had fun in their roles.” – Studentbeans.com
“everyone… seems to relish their own chances to play silly for the camera giving the film a convincing charm.”
– British Film Magazine
“A cringe-filled, hilarious Brit flick” – Bliss