Jul 19

Short Funny Jokes: The Selection process…

So if you’ve been following along with these last couple of posts about joke stories, you’ve probably got the main joke books from Thats Comedy by now and you probably want to try out one of the gags.

Before I continue let me just say if you’re an experienced comedian or comedy writer reading this blog then you may want to skip this post because I’m going to go through a process which you already know.

I don’t want to teach you how to suck eggs. Or any other poultry-related product.

This is just for the newbies and people who say they aren’t very good at telling joke stories.

Okay, to select a joke story think carefully about the type of environment you’re in, or person you’re planning to tell a joke too.

Is it a friend, a work colleague, your boss, your mother, your grandmonther?

Defining who your “audience” is, and yes one person does count as an audience (or maybe audient?), will allow to to make the appropriate joke story selection.

You probably don’t want to be telling your gran a dirty joke. Unless she’s anything like my 85 year old aunt who actually tells me dirty jokes. Maybe I’ll post some of hers one day…

Like I said in a previous post, in the Thats Comedy joke books there are a wide variety of jokes on different areas.

There are crude ones, clean ones, blonde jokes, ethnic jokes, Irish jokes, yo mamma jokes and on and on. It’s probably best not to tell an Irish joke, for example, unless you’re Irish. that way you could be ironic or self-deprecating.

If you’re not Irish then by telling an Irish joke you could either offend someone through political correctness (the bain of a lot of comedy these past couple of decades) or you may in fact offend a genuine Irish man or woman. Sorry, fifth generation Americans don’t count as Irish in this instance.

At last count, and it’s probably gone up or down since I wrote this, there were 23 bonus books available to you in a big bonus package.

That’s not including the original set of bonus books, gag gifts and gag recipes. You don’t have to go through them all, stick to one of the main books for now.

One thing I would say is that it might be advisable to pick a shorter joke story rather than a long one. The reasons for not out-staying your welcome should be obvious.

Not only that but it will make your job editing the joke a hell of a lot easier. Did I just say editing the joke? Yes I did. But what if you’re useless at telling jokes? Well, hold your horses sparky it ain’t as difficult as it sounds.

I’ll end this post with a joke story that I’ve selected for the purposes of showing your how to edit one. I’ll get on to editing, then delivering the joke in the next few posts. By the way, it’s er, not exactly clean:

“One day the teacher asked her students to use the word “contagious” in a phrase. Sarah lifts up her hand and says, “Teacher, teacher I got one!! A cold is contagious!” The teacher is very happy.

Tom lifts up his hand and says, “Teacher… yawning is contagious.” “pretty good Tom!!”

Finally, little Johnny lifts up his hand and says, ” Oh…Oh…I got one…The other day, as my mother was mowing the lawn, my father looked out the window and said it will take that contagious to finish!!”

Told you didn’t I…?

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