Jul 19

Short Funny Jokes, part 2

As I said in my last post about joke stories, I discovered a great resource for finding short funny jokes (and long ones) on the Internet and it’s called… That’s Comedy

Here’s what amounts to my review and overview of this resource.

So how is this different from all the other joke story websites you might come across? Well, for a start there are two joke books that are both over 400 pages in length.

Not only that there are some pretty damned good bonuses too.

At the time of writing this blog there’s one called 101 Practical Jokes which allows you to “punk” your friends. Which to me is a weird phrase.

So that ebook’s there if you’re that way inclined. And there’s also one called “Gag Gift Recipes” so you can give your loved one a gag gift on a special occasion like their birthday or maybe an anniversary. Hours of fun. If that’s your thing.

And arguments too probably.

There’s not really a lot I can say in a review about two large jokes books. Obviously there’re gags which are going to make you laugh and other that will make you groan. That seems to be the nature of joke books with vast amount of joke stories, one-liners, question & answer routines and so on.

But there will probably be a few other sounds along the way. I am in no way responsible if you are offended by any of the joke stories contained within the volumes of That’s Comedy

At the end of the day a joke’s a joke and it’s up to you if you want to get offended. So you have to be prepared that some joke stories may not be suitable for minors… Or other people who work underground.

I’m also on the mailing list and at the time of writing have been for about a year and a half and in all that time there’s only been one joke story that’s made me take a sharp intake of breath and shake my head and the joke’s content.

I still laughed out loud, even though it was near the  knuckle. And I don’t get offended easily. Alas, I don’t remember the joke off the top of my head.

You can read the joke books all the way through like a regular book, although you’d probably be a bit weird if you did. Or you can dip in and out of them like I do, mainly because I have bad reading habits.

There are other unadvertised bonuses too. There are usually a tonne of these. Although again this is subject to change because they guy is constantly updating this bonus package – adding and removing stuff at will.

The bonus package usually includes more joke books but by other people, a couple of bonuses by a professional comedian and a book on becoming a paid professional humorous speaker (Now that’s something I’m interested in!) All in all it’s a pretty darned good deal.

So if you like short, funny joke stories, or even long ones, there are plenty of humorous lines contained within the main volumes as well as the  bonuses: joke story resource

The thing to do is, find a joke that resonates with you. Does it make you laugh? If it does that’s a pretty good place to begin. If it makes you laugh then the chances are pretty high that other people will find it funny too.

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