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Stand-up Material Editing

4If you’re a comedian you might feel awkward about using a service like this, and I completely understand. However, have a second pair of eyes looking at your material might be exactly what you need to stop your punchlines plummeting.

I wouldn’t be writing your act for you, I would be providing suggestions on tightening your routines that could take your gags from good to great.


For nice things people have said about my stand-up, check out my testimonials page.


The pricing varies depending on any research involved, and the quickness of turnaround. The process will be virtual via email. We can speak on the phone or Skype too if that works for you. We will re-draft your material until you’re satisfied.

Please note, after I have completed editing your material and you come back with a lot of new information that will necessitate a major re-write then that will be classed as starting over and will be billed as such.

For this service, a 50% deposit would need to be made upfront before we start.

I’m interested, what happens now?

If you’re interested in using my stand-up editing services please get in touch jason (at) prohumorist.com