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Why Hire me as your Speechwriter?

Just imagine; you’re delivering a speech to an audience who are hanging on your every word. Then you finish speaking to rapturous, appreciative applause. But how do you get there when you’re so busy? You might not have the time to sit down and write a speech.

You need someone to help select the right words to convey your message and make an impact.  You need to hire someone who has not only read books on the subject, but has direct hands-on experience crafting and delivering speeches to audiences of anywhere from 5 to 500 people.

That’s where I come in as your speechwriter.

I can help you craft your message so that you can make the biggest impact with your audience.

Already have a speech written? I may still be able to help. Check out my speech editing service.

Do you need to inject some humor into your speech? With a background as a professional comedian and comedy writer I can help you with that too. Don’t worry; a few quality quips won’t make you a stand-up comic.

I will collaborate so I can help you to help craft the best speech possible. I will also provide a few stage directions to suggest where to place pauses, and any movement or gestures that may be appropriate to increase the impact of your message.

Speeches I have Experience With:

After Dinner Speeches, Awards Presentation Speeches, Business Speeches, Thank You Speeches, Eulogy Speeches, Icebreaker Speeches, Introduction Speeches.


For nice things people have said about this service, check out my testimonials page.


The pricing varies depending on the type of speech, research involved, and the quickness of turnaround. The process will be virtual via email. We can speak on the phone or Skype too if that works for you. I will re-draft your speech until you’re satisfied.

Please note, after I have completed your speech and you come back with a lot of new information that will necessitate a major re-write then that will be classed as starting over and will be billed as such.

For this service, a 50% deposit would need to be made upfront before we start.

For an additional fee, I can provide you with an MP3 recording of your speech to help you hear pacing and pauses.

I’m interested, what happens now?

If you’re interested in using my speechwriting services please get in touch jason (at) prohumorist.com