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Punch up

In Hollywood, movie studios hire groups of comedians to add jokes, or punch up, a yet-to-be-filmed screenplay.

This service includes 3 new jokes per page or 3 improvements to jokes that already exist.

Types of projects this service is suitable for: screenplays, sketches, essays, TV scripts, and stage plays.

Don’t see your project listed? Get in touch, I still might be able to help.


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The pricing varies depending on the type of project, and the quickness of turnaround. The process will be virtual via email. We can speak on the phone or Skype too if that works for you.

Please note, after I have completed work on your project and you come back needing more punch up that will be classed as starting over and will be billed as such.

For this service, a 50% deposit would need to be made upfront before we start.

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If you’re interested in using my speechwriting services please get in touch jason (at) prohumorist.com