Oct 08

Public Speaking with Confidence

I saw on the “Excel Beyond Excellence!” blog a great post about people who have confidence issues when it comes to public speaking. Sometime this blossoms into a fully blown fear of public speaking. So much so it’s actual medical definition is Glossophobia.

One of the things I liked about the article is that it says that a lot of the negative questions that we ask ourselves when faced with a situation like public speaking are actually “expressions of incompetancy under the guise of questions. Questions of Resources MOVE you FORWARD, not stifle you with worse outcomes”.

I’ve not actually heard it expressed that way before, but it seems to be pretty spot on with it’s observation.

Here’s a quick extract from the beginning on that post:

I’ve always enjoyed sharing about confidence. It’s such a simple concept yet so difficult to apply. (from what the audience shared, at least) It’s especially more so when applied to public speaking. Many people do comment that the image of possible humiliation by the audience do “bug” them…”

You can read the rest of the article by clicking here.

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  1. Wekie

    Thanks for the compliments, Jason. These are some of the concepts I share over the years as a public speaker and trainer.

    One of the key concerns with the people I coach is that they want to learn ways to overcome their fears and improve confidence. Hence the result is what I shared in the article.

    Have a wonderful day. May you excel beyond excellence in your journey to become a professional humorous speaker.

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