Jul 20

Pro Humorist – One Years Old – Happy Birthday!!!

Yesterday Pro Humorist was ONE YEAR’S OLD! I cannot believe that it’s been 12 months since I launched this site. And what a 12 months it’s been! I’ve forged some new professional relationships thanks to this blog and it has even provided me with more opportunities to speak at Toastmasters clubs.

Thanks for stopping by. Just to let you know there’re snacks in the digital kitchen – crisps (or for those of you outside the U.K. potato chips), dry roasted peanuts, sliced veggies to dip in curiously-white-sauces, grilled halloumi and colourful beans made out of gelatine. Oh, and there’s beers in the fridge. There’s even a digital coat room. Alas, it’s someone’s digital bedroom. So…

There are currently 106 articles in 16 categories and 139 comments. I’ve also published a number of articles which were quite popular. Here’s a link to my articles page. I also have a number of articles published on Ezine Articles and Get Entrepreneurial.

Here’s a quick run down of some of the peeps that I’ve had the good fortune to “meet” in no particular order:

Eric Feng – the Singapore-based speaker who was formerly the funniest man in Philadelphia and also author of The FAQ Book on Public Speaking. We even hooked up on Facebook. No, not like that.

Craig Strachan – speaker and fellow lover of Mind Maps. Thanks for your contributions Craig, look forward to hearing more from you.

Nick R Thomas – fellow Brit speaker and comedy writer. I always appreciate his comments and enjoy the comedic knowledge that he brings to the digital party.

Jeremy Jacobs – another Brit speaker and Toastmaster. Your comments are always welcome.

Andrew Dlugan – he of the Six Minutes blog and the uber public speaking lists that he puts together. Thanks for adding me and including me in some of your weekly blog round-ups.

Alistair Plint – “the bulldog” of South African stand-up comedy followed me from the forum we met on and now occasionally pops by my blog and once in a while Skypes me when he’s not busy tearing up the S.A. comedy scene. Al, I salute you.

This blog has also given me the opportunity to expand beyond my Toastmasters club and venture forth to other clubs and meet some fairly groovy speakers.

Freddie Daniels – currently Division B Governor recently demanded that I write more blog posts because he enjoyed reading them! Okay, chief.

Rory Marriott – whom I have dubbed the “Toastmasters’ Toastmaster” as virtually everbody on the London TM circuit knows his name. He’s an actual member, and an honorary member, of countless clubs.

If meeting these two guys in person wasn’t enough then I was soon plugged into the London TM circuit by them where I got to meet tonnes of other great speakers whom I have yet to cajole in to contributing to this blog.

I was unable to post yesterday as I went away with my girlfriend to see my family and managed to enjoy some fresh sea air in the Brighton area.

Thanks go out to everyone else who have stopped by and read my blog, I really appreciate you all!!


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  1. Freddie Daniells

    congrats on your first birthday – have to say you wear it very well! you should have a first birthday party! maybe we can bring a pressie – a widget perhaps? 😉

  2. Jason Peck

    Thanks Freddie. I find that using the moisturiser that Pierce Brosnan advertises is useful. But it tends to get smeared on my computer screen. By all means bring a widget and traffic if you have any…?

  3. Craig

    Congratulations and happy birthday. Good luck over the next year!


  4. Jason Peck

    Thanks a lot Craig. I’m beginning to know what the Queen feels like. Although I don’t think her other birthday is for her blog…

  5. Eric

    Jason! I totally relate to how you feel… it takes A LOT of commitment to keep a functional blog, not to say one that speaks of quality and humor. Glad to make a friend like you and I am definitely looking forward to more exchanges on our blogs and perhaps in the near future, we can visit each other’s country. Keep writing!

  6. Nick R Thomas

    Congratulations on your first year, Jason. The Pro Humorist blog really is a very useful and regularly updated resource for humorous speakers, comedians, comedy writers and those with no desire to perform or write but who just have a real interest in the nuts and bolts of it all!

  7. Andrew (from Six Minutes)

    Bravo, Jason.

    Congratulations not only on your 1-year blogiversary, but on 106 articles too! I hope the second year of the Pro Humorist blog brings many more.

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