Jul 24

Presentations: Fast Tip

Many presenters still use whiteboards and flip-charts as part of their presentations. If you’re doing this yourself or allowing someone else to use your work’s facilities make sure that they don’t use permanent markers.

It seems like an obvious point, but I’ve encountered many situations where people have both permanent markers and whiteboard markers in stock and then use them both on whiteboards!

Bad idea.

Whiteboard markers do also work on flip-charts, so you don’t need to have both types of pens. If you get the two muddled up, as people invariably do, then you’ll find yourself having to get permanent marker off whiteboards. Not fun.

So try and use marker pens called “whiteboard markers”, “drywipe markers” or “dry erase markers”. As long as they are white board friendly then you should be ok.

Also, if for some reason you find yourself having to use an overhead projector (OHP) then make sure you use the correct pens on the acetate or write on film. There should be special OHP pens for that and not the perm ones.


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  1. Freddie Daniells

    haha! I think everyone makes that mistake precisely once! Its almost a presentation ritual!

  2. Jason Peck

    Hey Freddie,

    Thanks for dropping by. You’re absolutely right. Everyone does make that mistake precisely once. Then, unfortunately, there are those people who continue to make those mistakes again and again.

    Why is that? Are they all schooled at a Bozo Evening Class somewhere?

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