Jan 11

GetEntrepreneurial – Network Expert

I recently became an approved Network Expert on the website Get Entrepreneurial. I was very pleased when this happened because it helps to clarify my expert credibility to the world at large and adds another piece to the puzzle as I move my business forward.

It’s a very useful website as there are experts in various areas that have articles published which give advice on different areas that are useful to the entreprenuer such as business ideas, starting up and communication skills (which is my area of expertise).

I myself will be popping over there from time-to-time looking for inspiration and guidance on areas that I need assistance with, as well as providing any help that I can with speaking and the use of humour.

So if you’re looking to start up your own business this is the place to start your research. Do go forth and check it out as you’ll find it extremely useful I’m sure.  Here’s the full web address: www.getentrepreneurial.com