Oct 06

Germany’s Humour Museum?

Germany have launched a state-sponsored Museum of Humour! It’s the Caricatura Museum in Frankfurt. It’s a shrine to satir, the German sense of humour and comic art. They’re hoping to shatter the stereotype of the humourless German. What with that and their sense of humour possibly being the best, Germany’s doing some good things when it comes to humour. It’s curator, Achim Frenz said of the museum:

“We have only just opened the museum because until now we didn’t have enough comedy to put in it.”

Well quite.

Now seriously, it’s a shame really because anyone who’s actually spent some time in Germany, with the German people will actually know that there is an abundance of humour. Most of the younger generation are fans of Monty Python and therefore fans of Fawlty Towers and especially the German episode. Well, the ones I’ve met anyway.

So there is a lot of self awareness in the younger generation.

For further reading check out this article in The Telegraph, German Museum. Next time I go to Germany I’m going to try and get along to the Museum and check it out. Seems like it offers more than just:

“schlag, schlag!”
“wer ist dort?”
“Doktor Wer?”
“Sie sagten es gerade”