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Funny PowerPoint Presentations

In order to create funny PowerPoints and give an effective presentation you need to spend a certain proportion of time designing your slides. I’m not talking about fancy decoration to make your slides look pretty or interesting for the sake. That alone does not create funny PowerPoints. You should take time to consider the image that will be on the slide as well as any text.
Notice I said the word image before I said the word text. They say a picture can paint a thousand words and that’s a cliche because it’s true. Consider this, what would have more impact on an audience;

a bunch of text saying how many people died of smoking-related deaths every year, or a picture of a diseased lung?

When giving a presentation you have to make the decision as to whether using multimedia software such as PowerPoint is appropriate or not. It might be better for your circumstance to use a whiteboard and pen. That said, if you are using technology please don’t use outmoded, dead technology such as a slide carousel, there really is no excuse for it.

Your PowerPoints Slides

Before trying to create a funny PowerPoint presentation there are a few things that you should remember…

Slides aren’t for idea dumps!

Strip away everything that’s not relevant, if you need to write lots of text consider a document or report. We all know that there are too many bad presentations happening on a daily, if not hourly, basis don’t make yours one of them. This approach is sure to impede you if you want to create funny PowerPoints.

Use images or pictures that stir emotion like the one I pointed out earlier. Try to find an image that is representative of your particular point and connects to your overall theme.

Bury the Bullet Points

Avoid using bullet points, difficult as there are templates built in to PowerPoint that uses them, but there are also blank slides too. Use an image with a relevant statement or quote. Or just use a statement buy itself on a simply background.

Seeing as you’re not going to use oodles of text, then reading the text off your slides shouldn’t be a problem. If for some reason you still have text resist the urge to read it off your screen as it begs the question “why are you there?” If you’re asking us to read text, let the presentation run and you can go home. Or, as I mentioned earlier, don’t do a presentation send us a document instead!

When starting your presentation, you might want to consider ideas for creating funny introductions about yourself. For creating funny PowerPoints you have to make sure that your basic message is solid. Your overall and supporting points are clear. Remember, for our purpose, humour is the method for delivering the message. It’s not the message in itself like stand-up comedy.

Capturing your own sense of humour is the ideal way to go about adding humour and being able to create funny PowerPoints. One of the best ways I’ve found to do that is to check out this system to learn stand up comedy like the Pros.

In terms of the slides themselves, well, you have numerous options open to you. You can show a relevant cartoon such as by Gary Larson. Even if the direct content, i.e.: talking monsters, doesn’t relate to your theme often the sentiment or situation does.

You might also want to consider a deliberate, mis-placed slide. Or perhaps a slide that comments on you as a speaker, or the presentation that you’re giving. Think of the scene in Wayne’s World where Wayne is interviewing that guy and has written insults on the cards which only the audience can see.

Check out this earlier post for additional information for giving a funny presentation.

Ideally the humour will organically be found in your presentation itself. You will find moments that allow you to comment on what you’re saying. All of these ideas can help you create funny PowerPoints.

If you missed it earlier the link for the system for using the tools that professional comedians use can be found here learn stand-up comedy.

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