Nov 07

Entrepreneurial Time System

I’ve recently read an article on the Erik Stafford’s blog about a technique called the Entrepreneurial Time System.

In case you don’t know who he’s known as “The Faster Webmaster” and he’s the creator of a product of the same name as well as the one that I recently purchased: 7 minute websites.

I don’t want to get into talking about Internet marketing right now and detract from what I want to talk about.

But the aritcle that he’s written on his blog definitely applies to becoming a professional speaker and entreprenuer.

A lot of the comments he makes not only resonate with me and what I’m in the process of doing right now, but it really applies to anyone following a similar entrepreneurial path.

I was originally going to just re-post it here, but I’ve decided to re-post bits of it instead and add my own thoughts on how I can implement the techniques.

At the moment I work too many hours. My working day usually finishes around 10pm. This includes working a day job and working on my business in the evenings. The worst it’s been was working on Christmas Day 2006! Not good.

My problem is i just try to do everything at once.

As Erik says on his blog “the Entrepreneurial Time System breaks the work week down into the following types of days”:

Free Days: Free Days are 24 hours, from midnight to midnight… completely unplugged. No email, no work, no phone”.

This is always a challenge for me as I often sneek in a bit of work on Sundays. “I just need to check one email”, I say to my girlfriend. Then four hours later I’m up to my armpitts in something else. So I’ll give it a shot seeing as it’s required and when better than on a Sunday.

Buffer Days: includes blogging, myspace and social bookmarking stuff, emails, etc”.

Okay, so I need to take specific days to deal with this sort of thing, I generally start my evenings this way, so then it takes me forever to get to do any actualy work.

Focus Days: involve things directly affect my bottom line and the growth of my business. For instance, setting up partnerships and joint venture opportunities.

For me this would currently include contacting web design companies to find someone to update my main website, following up with the people I met at the Business Startup Exhibition, developing speeches and so on.

For me I think I’m going to break my week down into four focus days, two buffer days and one free day. I’ll try to get that implmented as soon as I can and then re-evaluate in about a month’s time.

Cheers for that Erik.

PS, if you want to know motre about Erik Stafford’s work check out: 7 minute websites it’s an absolute steal at $7.