Feb 03

Christian Bales Out!

I wanted to pick up on an audio clip that’s doing the rounds at the moment. Apparently Christian Bale loses his mind and goes beserk on a Director of Photography (DP) on Terminator 4: Salvation. A word of warning this should not be listened to at work and contains enough expletives to make Bernard Manning blush; Christian Bales Out.
I’m responding to it here but it serves as a reminder that no matter who we are and how successful we get, we should remember that we need to the support of those around us. Regardless of whether we think they’re ruining things for us or not. People like sound and lighting technicians are helpful to us because they can make us look good or bad.

When we give a presentation we want to look and sound good. We can only take care of so much ourselves. The rest is up to the people who are in the supporting roles at the event.  These people are important whether we’re doing a paid gig, a speech at Toastmasters or we’re on a film set.  I am fortunate enough to have done all of and on each occasion I’ve tried to make sure that I express my thanks to what sometimes can be thankless work.

The thing for Bale now, whom I think is a brilliant actor, is how he’s going to ride out this storm. This story has already lit up Twitter, which is where I first heard about it. There will always be someone out there to record you on video or tape you and spread it across the internet via social media.

Note: I have to thank fellow blogger and Twitter follower David Brown a.k.a Neo1Seo for bringing this story to my attention, who also has a marvellous headline (“Batman goes Batshit”) on this story over at his blog.