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Sep 05

Winning Public Speaking Contests

The London Speaker blog has kindly re-published a post I made on this blog from earlier this year. That post, which you can read by clicking on the link, was about creating a winning mindset and finding ways to “tip the balance” in your favour when you enter into a contest.

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Aug 22

New World Speaking Champion Crowned

As you’ve probably seen this week Saturday 16 August was the end of the International Speech Contest which culminated in a new world champion of public speaking being crowned – LaShunda Rundles.

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Aug 15

German Humour the Best?

I found a UK-based website which did research a few years ago to find the world’s funniest joke. In the process it determined that certain countries have preferences for certain types of humour, which is obvious when you think about it. But what I find fascinating is what type of humour seems to have been …

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Jul 28

Graduation Keynote Speech

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to see my fiance graduate from her Master in Fine Arts (MFA) Theatre Directing course. The opening keynote address was conducted by Lord Phillips of Sudbury, Chancellor of the University of Essex.

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Jul 22

Now, I wanna tell you a Story…

For those of you of a certain age you’ll immediately recognise the title of this blog post as belonging to British comic Max Bygraves. For myself, I’ll just pretend that I found the quote on the internet and move on…

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