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Mar 12

Welcome Bulgarians

I have just discovered that my blog is ranked for the Bulgarian term for public speaking.  This is a term so dangerous WordPress (my bloggin software) can only publish is as a serious of question marks:  ???????? ?????????  It should be the Bulgarian for public speaking.

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Feb 27

Why Make a Speech at All?

“Speeches fail because they focus on the speaker not on the audience” – Phillip Khan-Panni In the run up to the International Speech Contest Division B put on a public speaking seminar with Phillip Khan-Panni, former three-time U.K. & Ireland Public Speaking Champion, silver medallist in the World Championships and also former member of my …

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Feb 20

Craig McLachan Dies a Comedy Death

In recent years there has been a “fashion” for some celebrities to try their hand at stand-up comedy. We’ve had DVDs from ex-Cricketer Phil Tufnell, sitcom actor Ricky Tomlinson and creator of The Office and Extras Ricky Gervais. Whilst for Tomlinson and Gervais it seems a natural progression of their comedy careers, it seems a …

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Feb 17

Institutionalised Public Speaking

Author’s note: Due to some technical difficuties I’ve had to restore my blog. However, in the process I lost some of my posts and comments. Luckily, I had some of my posts backed up. This is why you’re now reading this post again. Thank you for bearing with me. Are you coasting along with your …

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Feb 06

Public Speaking: Physical Distractions

When you speak, or give a presentation, do you videotape (easier to write than digitally record) yourself. Not for YouTube humiliation, or ego stroking, but for analysis of your performance. What some people don’t realise is that they have physical distractions that manifest themselves when they are in front of a crowd. In some cases …

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