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Sep 16

Tony Robbins on Public Speaking

I just want to include this from Awaken the Giant Within by self-help guru Tony Robbins. Whatever you think of Robbins try to set that aside because this is good stuff as it relates to public speaking: “People in my seminars often ask me, “How long do you think it will take for me to …

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Sep 11

“Great Speeches of the 20th Century”

In May 2007 The Guardian newspaper, in the U.K., ran a series called “Great Speeches of the 20th Century”. They did them as little free booklets, but they are also available to read online with audio versions too. Here’s a link to their website: Great Speeches There are some great speeches here… er, just like …

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Aug 23

Public Speaking… Badly

What follows it is a bit of a rant about public speaking, for that I apologize, but it’s here because I needed to get it off my chest and stick up for all those who think situations like this are representative of all public speakers. They’re not. I was in a temporary office job late …

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