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Apr 04

Public Speaking and Mind Mapping

It occurs to me that over the past couple of months I’ve been talking about Public Speaking and Mind Mapping without actually talking about the process that you go through in order to create a Mind Map. Waaaaay back in the early 1990s, I taught myself Mind Mapping by reading the book by Tony Buzan …

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Apr 02

Toastmasters vs. Toastmasters

“You go to Toastmasters?” “Yes.” “Do you wear one of those red coats and have a gavel?” “Um… no. I don’t think that’s on the agenda.” So goes some people’s confusion when I tell them that I’m a member of Toastmasters. After a bit of searching around I discovered that there are in fact TWO …

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Mar 01

Public Speaking: It’s All About You

I want you to take a look at this clip of 2001 Public Speaking World Champion, Darren LaCroix. The bit that I’m keen for you to focus on is the bit where he starts his award-winning speech, which is after his intro. After you’re done, I want you to come back and read the rest …

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Feb 13

Dealing with Difficult Audiences

Diane DiRestan from the “Business Presentations” blog wrote an article on dealing with hecklers and difficult audiences. I wanted to reference her blog as well as recount my own experiences on the same topic. Diane outlines a 3-point strategy for dealing with this type of situatuation: depersonalize, detach, and defuse. Check out her blog for …

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Dec 29

Amazing Public Speaking Skill – The Hancock Manoeuvre

I re-read a great book on public speaking recently and I was reminded of a technique which was the first one I ever used! I’ll give you a brief background on the book and the technique itself before I tell you about my experience with it. The book I had read was called “Just Say …

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