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May 26

Public Speaking: Listen to other Speakers

Whenever you’re due to speak at an event take the opportunity to listen to the other speakers. There are two reasons to do this; the first is by listening to other speakers you may discover that they actually cover the same points as you’re planning to cover in your speech. If that happens you have …

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May 16

Public Speaking Definitions

There are many different terms in the public speaking industry. Sometimes they are straight forward and easy to understand. Othertimes, a certain amount of head-scratching’s required. To reduce those times, I have compiled my own glossary. (Please note spelling’s are in English not American-English). Ad-lib – spontaneous remark or comment said in the moment during a speech …

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May 05

Interview with David Brooks 1990 World Champion Speaker

I came across an interview with David Brooks the 1990 World Champion of Speaking by fellow speaker and blogger Steve Pavlina. Steve, who runs a personal development blog, saw David Brooks give a presentation in Las Vegas. You should check out the interview right here. Okay, a bit more info, Steve asked David the following …

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May 04

How Do You Know if Your Comedy is Quantifiable?

“How Do You Know if Your Comedy is Quantifiable?”, “How do you know you’re being funny?” and “How do you measure comedy?” These were just some of the questions I was asked recently. I responded: “yes, comedy is measureable. If somebody laughs, it’s comedy. If no-one laughs it isn’t. But if you get no laughs, …

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Apr 12

I Have a Dream – Martin Luther King Jr.

This month marks the 40th Anniversary of the death of Martin Luther King Jr. (April 4th 1968). So as a bit of a departure from my usual content on this blog, I figured what better way than to celebrate the amazing speaking skills of the man. Watch and listen to the sheer energy and passion …

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