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Aug 20

24 Ways to Improve your Presentation Skills

I wanted to provide some quick tips for you to improve your presentation skills. Read, Study, Re-read, memorise and generally imprint the following books, blogs and tips on your brain. 1.    Read the book Presentation Zen by  Garr Reynolds. 2.    Really Bad PowerPoint by Seth Godin  (link to download the PDF) 3.    Grab the book …

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Jul 19

ProHumorist’s 2nd Birthday plus July Speedlinks

Wow, so another year has flown by and this blog hits it’s second birthday!! So my blog is now a toddler and is entering its “terrible twos”… oh joy. I’d just to take this opportunity to thank everybody who has become involved with the community here through their comments. I’d like to thank all my …

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Jun 17

Are You an Effective Compere at Public Functions?

An aspect that businesses frequently ignore is having an effective compere at public functions. Compere, MC, Emcee whichever spelling you choose it’s important to have someone who gain capture everybody’s attention. Aside from providing the entertainment through humour, they can also help with the time management of an event. Whether it’s a fundraiser or you’re …

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Jun 14

Best Coaching Blog Contest – Please Vote for Me

In a previous post I mentioned that my blog is in a contest to find the Best Coaching Blogs of 2009. I’m trying to break the Top 10 (currently lingering at the 12-13 mark). If you enjoy reading this blog, please click the UP arrow to give me a point. If you are able to …

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Jun 04

Rewrite, Rewrite, Rewrite

You’ve probably heard the expression “great speeches aren’t written, they’re re-written”. It’s a clichéd expression that has been adapted countless times and has previously been used for novels, screenplays, theatre scripts and so on. It’s become a cliché because an element of truth can be found in it and it’s absolutely applicable if you have …

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