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Aug 05

Is There a Cure to Public Speaking Fear?

Consumer Note: I am in no way advocating the usage of this product. I am only providing my thoughts on the creation of such a product and what people can do for themselves without relying on tablets. A pill has been released that claims to be a public speaking cure. Bravina is a combination of …

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Jun 04

Rewrite, Rewrite, Rewrite

You’ve probably heard the expression “great speeches aren’t written, they’re re-written”. It’s a clichéd expression that has been adapted countless times and has previously been used for novels, screenplays, theatre scripts and so on. It’s become a cliché because an element of truth can be found in it and it’s absolutely applicable if you have …

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Dec 07

Fear of Public Speaking – articles

I recently wrote a couple of articles on the fear of public speaking as an experiment for this new website that I’m trying out. I’m pleased to say that they both got published. Woo-hoo! Here’s the lowdown… The first article is titled: “Top 5 Tips for Overcoming The Fear of Public Speaking” and was picked …

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Nov 16

7 Tips for Conquering Public Speaking Fear

We’ve all heard about how people’s number fear is public speaking. The comedian Jerry Seinfeld had this to say on the fear of public speaking: “The number one fear is public speaking. Number two is death. Number two. That means most people would rather be in the casket than doing the eulogy”. Although the line …

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Oct 12

Public Speaking Fear – Nancy Tierney

I just want to touch upon some things that Nancy Tierney from Unconditional Confidence posted in my comments section relating to a previous post I made about the fear of public speaking. Re-read that here. In case you haven’t seen it I’m going to comment on some of things that she’s written about it here. She …

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