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Apr 14

America-phile – Life Across the Pond

union stars

Hello, hey, bonjour, ciao… alright? I can’t believe that it’s been eight months since I’ve written a post on here. Wowsers trousers. A LOT has changed! As some of my friends and regular readers know in September 2009 I emigrated to the United States of America to marry my long term American girlfriend. I’m going …

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Apr 19

Susan Boyle – a Lesson in Humour

Susan Boyle Singing

(Photo source By now I’m sure you’ve heard about the singing sensation Susan Boyle? She’s the overnight singing sensation who recently appeared on Britain’s Got Talent. She’s a 47 year old unemployed lass from Scotland, who just gave an amazing rendition of an Elaine Page song. Why am I talking about Susan Boyle on …

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Oct 09

The Comedy Stylings of Bo Burnham – Bo Fo’ Sho’

Just came across this article on The Guardian website: “Two years ago, Bo Burnham’s big brother Pete left his home in Massachusetts to attend Cornell University in New York. Burnham wanted to stay in touch, so he wrote a comic song for Pete entitled My Whole Family Thinks I’m Gay, videoed himself singing it, and …

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Sep 19

A Winning Speech vs. An Excellent Speech

Fellow blogger and speaker Eric Feng made an interesting post over at The Public Speaking Blog back in August on whether an award-winning speech at Toastmasters can be considered an excellent speech. Here’s how the article opens: “A couple of days ago, I raved about having a female winner for the International Speech Contest held …

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Sep 01

The Duchess of York – professional speaker

I just saw an article which says that Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York, has built up a lucartive career as a professional speaker. It’s reported that she makes £40,000 for her public speaking engagements.

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