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Jun 15

Are there funny things to do Presentations on?

I sometimes hear people say things like this: “I have to do a work presentation and I want to do it on something funny.” Or they ask “are funny things to do presentations on?” It depends on what your goal is. If this sounds like you my suggestion for you would be to focus on …

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Apr 29

Twitter and Presentations: The Ultimate Interruption?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you would’ve heard about Twitter.  Now, it seems, even live presenters aren’t immune from it’s charms.  Speaker Olivia Mitchell blogged about using Twitter in a presentation. She provides some very useful tips on harnessing the power of this new social communication tool…

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Feb 25

Confessions of a Comedy Snob

Ok alright I admit, I’m a comedy snob. You dragged it out of me. There are you happy? I really wanted to get into Bo Selecta, but I couldn’t. I admired what Leigh Francis did, but as for actual physical laughs… none were to be found from me.  I did laugh once, and it was …

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Feb 17

How Do You Create a Funny Presentation?

How Do You Create a Funny Presentation? The question of the ages…. Well, ok that’s not strictly true. In my post 101 Presentation Hacks I provided a few points on how to create funny powerpoint presentations. What a lot of people forget is that even though they are giving a presentation in a business or …

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Feb 06

Public Speaking: Physical Distractions

When you speak, or give a presentation, do you videotape (easier to write than digitally record) yourself. Not for YouTube humiliation, or ego stroking, but for analysis of your performance. What some people don’t realise is that they have physical distractions that manifest themselves when they are in front of a crowd. In some cases …

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