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Jan 23

Lessons from President Obama’s Inaugural Speech

Here’s the inaugural speech of President Obama. (Note: the full transcript is available below) I don’t really want to say too much about it as a lot of people have given their two pence worth already. But I never want it to be said that the Pro Humorist didn’t chip in on this momentous occasion!

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Aug 13

Leadership: According to Toastmasters

I recently wrote a post about leadership and decided to write a follow-up after exploring the Toastmasters International website. They talk about how difficult it is to define leadership. People have different kinds of reactions to the word leadership, but we all seem to know good leadership when we see it.

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Aug 07

Leadership Skills

Leadership. We all know the term but we don’t always know what effective leadership is. Managers are leaders aren’t they? In my experience some are and some aren’t. It can be an easy concept to explain, but a difficult one to implement and implement well.

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