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Aug 21

Comedy Writing for Late-Night TV: Review

Note: This is a version of a review I posted on Amazon. I don’t believe you can learn to be funny. Some reading this (when I say some I mean all one of you), will disagree with me. Some suggest you can learn to be funny. In my experience, people like this, myself included, have …

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Feb 23

The Pitfalls of Joke Stories at Work

I’ve written before that I have a love hate relationship with joke stories or, street jokes. Let me clarify the sort of thing I am talking about: Two campers are walking through the woods. A huge brown bear appears just ahead of them. The first guy drops his backpack and digs out a pair of …

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Jul 30

my thoughts on jokes

As you probably know by now I think it’s important for humorous speakers to be able to handle joke stories or street jokes, if you prefer. Essentially jokes stories are ones that people tell you on the street. Or at work, down the pub, etc. In the comedy world a lot of people see joke-smiths …

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Jul 29

street joke delivery

Okay, following on from my last post about editing joke stories, here’s my edited version of the selected street joke: A little girl puts her hand up and says: a cold is contagious Teacher’s like: “well done. Anybody else?” A little boy puts his hand up (hand goes up): “yawning is contagious” “Excellent”. Then Little …

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Jul 19

The street joke editing process…

After my last post on joke stories, here comes the fun part. You’re gonna edit your street joke down. Don’t feel that you’re not qualified. You are don’t worry. As long as you can speak and paraphrase you’re gonna be fine at editing a street joke, or joke story if you prefer. A word of …

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