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Mar 11

The Benefits of Humour

I saw an article on Science Daily about a new form of yoga called “laughter yoga”. It seems that people laugh continuously for 30 minutes. Apparently there’s a growing trend in the US and India for this type of yoga. This is a bit more involved than telling joke stories that I’ve written about before.

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Mar 09

Can I Stop My Jokes Being Stolen?

I read an article on Chortle, the British comedy website, recently which spoke about the incident where comedian Lee Hurst smashed the mobile phone of an audience member who was filming his act. This is useful to read about if you’re a comedian or if you’re delivering funny presentations. Hurst, like a lot of comedians, …

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Mar 06

Who’s funnier – Men or Women?

It seems that whenever newspapers run out of stories, or need something to fill a couple of pages, they drag up the can women be funny debate. This time though it’s being tied into International Women’s Day which takes place this Sunday. This time the debate appeared in Wednesday’s Metro. Personally, I am finding the …

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Mar 02

How Do You Relate To Your Audience?

Even though this post is from the perspective of being a member of Toastmasters International and the Humorous Speech Contest, there are certainly some lessons that can be applied to any speaking or presentation. The Humorous Speech Contest During my time at Toastmasters I’ve had an opportunity to deliver and watch a number of different …

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Feb 26

Bill Hicks Tribute “It’s Just a Ride”


I cannot believe that it’s been 16 years since the legendary American comedian Bill Hicks died. I included him on a previous post I made about the 32 Most Influential Comedians. It only seems like yesterday that I had discovered his comedy on a compilation cassette tape (told you it was a long time ago) …

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