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Aug 18

Humour and Freedom of Speech

Humour and Freedom of Speech. It’s an interesting concept as it’s one that comes up again and again throughout history. Well, modern history at least. You might be thinking: “wow Jase, this is a bit of a dry boring topic for your blog” Well, stick with me as it contains some useful intel on the …

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Aug 15

German Humour the Best?

I found a UK-based website which did research a few years ago to find the world’s funniest joke. In the process it determined that certain countries have preferences for certain types of humour, which is obvious when you think about it. But what I find fascinating is what type of humour seems to have been …

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Aug 12

Humorous Speech Contest

Well contest season at Toastmasters is rapidly approaching… again. It only seems five minutes ago that we were approaching the International Speech contest, which was waaaay back in February this year. Yikes. Now we have the Humorous Speech contest. This is probably going to have to be an occasion where I take a back seat. …

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Jul 31

The World’s Oldest Jokes

Never thought I’d see the day where scholarly types would set about unearthing the world’s oldest joke. I just didn’t think it was scholarly enough. But humour is a very important part of all our lives and culture. And to all intents and purposes it has been for all time. Or, if you’re Brian Blessed, …

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Jul 16

Hungry for Humorous Speeches? Try a Roast

I was idly playing videos on You Tube recently and I came across Dean Martin’s Roasts from the 1970s. I had a jolly old time watching some comedians from yesteryear engaging in humorous roasts. So I figured I should write a post about roast speeches and provide some roast speech examples. I talk about roast …

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