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Jun 10

Public Speaking: Dress to Impress

Before you speak to an audience consider the clothes that you’re going to wear. Of course there might be a situation where you’re just giving a presentation to your team, so you would wear what you would normally at work. But if you can, and it’s appropriate to do so, try to dress smartly when …

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Mar 27

Toastmasters Mystery Speaking – The Hidden Benefits

I’m going to extol the virtues of being a Mystery Speaker at Toastmasters again. I did another stint as a Mystery Speaker at a club called Tube Talk last night. Tube Talk’s run by a company called Metronet Rail. According to their website they are “responsible for maintaining, replacing and upgrading all infrastructure on nine of …

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Mar 26

Toastmasters Contest Season

For those of you who are not directly involved with Toastmasters it’s currently competition season. For those of you who are involved… it’s still competition season! Quick overview for those of you outside the “Toasties” sphere of influence can be found here: Toastmasters FAQ. At time of writing it’s the “International Speech Contest” and the “Evaluation …

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Mar 18

Getting Paid to Make People Laugh

I want to review a great e-book by the late humorist and M.C. John Cantu. It’s called “Getting Paid to Make People Laugh” and it comes as a bonus with the That’s Comedy collection of joke books.”. I really enjoyed this book because it’s a transcript of an interview with Cantu and you get the …

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Feb 27

Advanced Humorous Speaking – How Do You Define Bombing?

I did the first speech in the Toastmasters Advanced Manual; “Humorously Speaking” and it’s left me somewhat confused. So I figured I might be able to work out some of my thoughts about it here. In the process of analysing my speech I will offer up what I did, how I feel it went and …

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